How Do We Do It?

We aim to drive positive changes in three ways:

  • 1: Raising awareness of poverty conditions and the issues facing the poor and disadvantaged in the United States and throughout the world, particularly in Africa.
  • 2: Developing and distributing educational tools and initiatives for school children and teachers to understand how poverty is perpetuated and the steps that can be taken to eradicate it.
  • 3: Making grants to organizations that are committed to the issues identified by CPEF as having a major effect on the poor and disadvantaged and the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS and malaria, including the education of children and young people and the protection of children at risk.

can provide a family of 5 in Africa with enough food to last for one week.
can cover all costs to send a child to school in an Urban Slum in Africa for a month
is the average cost of saving a life from Malaria.